Why Us?

Oswego Mortgage is not your average mortgage company

When you come in our office you will not find fancy suites and shiny cufflinks, rather you will be greeted by our enthusiastic team members that will soon become your friends. Our experienced professional team is made up of Oregonians, allowing us to relate with our clients/friends in ways that larger mortgage companies simply can’t. Whether you are first time buyers purchasing your first home or a seasoned investor just wanting a better interest rate, we believe the loan process should be a smooth and positive experience rather than a nightmarish chore.

It is our personal approach to the loan process and the experience of our team that sets us apart from the rest.

It’s camaraderie, innovative thinking and over 50 years combined experience that allows us to provide our clients/friends with the highest level service possible.

Why Oswego Mortgage?

Just the fact that you are wondering shows that you are on the right track. The mortgage loan process is complex to say the least and for the average person that does not deal with mortgage loans everyday, it can be rather intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

By operating in Oregon and Washington we can stay on top of our local market allowing us to provided fast up to date info that saves our clients time and money. Since we work in the same environment everyday we can often forecast problems allowing us to smoothly avoid them. We feel that working locally also provides some accountability on our end. If you ever need something or want to talk to us face to face our doors are open.

Oswego Mortgage is committed to our community, we personally and professionally have a lot of compassion for our great State. We are continually looking for ways to make our office more environmentally friendly and preserve Oregon’s natural resources for future generations. As a Company and individuals we try to use local companies that share our vision as often as possible to help our local economy.

Oswego Mortgage Gives Back

Oswego Mortgage believes in giving back to our community as well as the Veterans that have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom.

We Proudly Sponsor :
Wounded Warrior Project — Learn more @ woundedwarriorproject.org
Homes for Heroes — Learn more @ homesforheroes.com
Lift for the 22 — Learn more @ liftforthe22.org
Do Good Multnomah — Learn more @ dogoodmultnomah.org
Warrior Freedom Project – Learn more @ warriorfreedomproject.org

Commitment to Community

Ethical business practices and the commitment to help our neighbors and community have been the foundation to Oswego Mortgage since founded by Thomas R. Fitkin in 1996. It was never Tom’s focus to be the biggest mortgage company out there, rather to be one that stands out as the best. All of our professional team members share the passion for meeting and helping others just like you everyday.

Green Initiative

Like many Oregonians, we here at Oswego Mortgage are continually looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact as we do business and raise our families right here in Oregon. In our office we use recycled products whenever possible and recycle nearly all of our office waste. We believe the small things add up. We use high efficiency compact florescent lights and keep all unused electronics off when not being used and since it is impossible for us to conduct business with out the use of electricity and that is why we proudly participate in PGE’s Wind Power program. With todays technology we are able to significantly reduce the amount of paper used in the office. We scan and use electronic files whenever possible instead of printing, copying and faxing.