I have had my offer accepted, now what are the next steps?

You have already gone through the preapproval process and you have had your offer accepted, now what are the next steps?

  1. Your Real Estate Agent sends the sales contract to your Loan Originator
  2. Once the Loan Originator receives the contract, they will work on the Loan Estimate
  3. You will then come in to sign disclosures
  4. The appraisal will be ordered
  5. Now your file will be sent to processing
  6. Conditional approval will be sent from lender for any further documentation that is needed
  7. Appraisal is now returned with value of home and any repairs that may need done
  8. You file will then be in line for clear to close
  9. Once your file is cleared to close you will then make an appointment with title company to sign final documents
  10. Your loan is now ready to fund!

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