10 things to do to get your home winter ready

With the cold weather coming, it is now time to think about getting your home cozy before the snow and ice hits. Here are 10 things to do to get your home prepared for winter:

  1. Get your chimney cleaned and inspected so it is safe to use all winter long and to help cut down on heating costs
  2. Clean your gutters of any fallen leaves or debris so they do not overflow with water
  3. Add insulation or any caulking around windows and doors to cut down on heating costs
  4. Call an arborist and have them walk around your yard to look for any rotting trees or dangling limbs that might  lead to winter tree catastrophes
  5. Get your furnace inspected to make sure it is working properly for the cold weather
  6. Cover your pipes so they do not freeze
  7. Stock up on batteries, blankets, candles, food and bottled water in case of an emergency
  8. Don’t forget yard care, make sure all your plants are winter ready so they can come back when spring is here
  9. Check your roof for any leaks that may have come through
  10. Get out your winter wear so you have access to gloves, hats, boots and warm coats

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