I am a first time home buyer, where do I start first?

Buying a home is a big deal and can be very scary for first time home buyers. You don’t know where to start or who to call. What if I don’t qualify? What is my credit score?┬áThere are multiple scenarios running through your head. Here is a quick guide on where to start with your home loan process:

  1. You always want to start with your mortgage lender, this will establish what you are pre-approved for and how much you can afford for your monthly mortgage payment.
  2. Once you have received your pre-approval letter from your Loan Originator, this is your ticket to start looking at properties.
  3. When you have established the area you would like to live in, try looking for a realtor that specializes in that area and has experience working with your loan type. Especially VA home loans, because it has special guidelines.
  4. You have decided on your home loan, your realtor and your location, you are now ready to start looking for your future home!

These are quick steps to get you on your way to becoming a home owner. This process can make you nervous and stressed because it is a big commitment and a big investment, but it is setting you up for your future and is a very rewarding feeling when you are all done.