VA Purchase


Eligible Veterans are entitled to take advantage of their well-deserved VA Home Loan benefit. This benefit allows Veterans to purchase a home with 100% financing and in most cases zero money out of pocket.

Keep your money

The VA offers 100% financing and ability to work your closing cost into the loan thus allowing eligible Veterans to walk into a home for zero out of pocket.

Get more for your money

VA Loans DO NOT require mortgage insurance and offer competitive Low Rates thus minimizing your monthly payment and enabling you to purchase at higher price point.

Right to prepay without penalty

With a VA Loan you will never have to pay a pre payment penalty giving you the freedom to sell your home or refinance at anytime.

VA assistance

Veteran borrowers in default due to temporary financial difficulty may be able to work with the VA to avoid foreclosure.

“Make Sense” Underwriting

VA Loans offer “Make Sense” underwriting, allowing eligible VA borrowers with less than perfect or no credit at all to obtain home financing.